Founders – Business Owners – Don Quixotes – Visionaries

If you just want to buy some TSLA stock, have life insurance, and retire comfortably when you’re old, we may not be the best fit for you.

We want to get to know the you with the BIG dream you’re not quite sure you can achieve, to empower your financial freedom.

We are looking to serve people who:

  • Have big dreams.
  • Suspect their assets could perform better.
  • Are business owners, founders, or C-Suite executives.
  • Have household incomes of $350,000+ a year and/or investible assets of $1,000,000+ (or expect to in the next 2-3 years).
  • Are crazy enough to think they can change the world.


Why Our Clients Choose Us

Most of our clients come to us by way of referral from happy clients.  Whether we’ve helped manifest a turnaround in a crisis or more financial freedom than they thought they could, our clients tell people, “I think they can help you.”   Brad put it like this:

“You were ‘at the helm’ of us growing our wealth a healthy amount, meeting us at one level of knowledge and sophistication within our financial world and taking us to a higher place.  We feel more knowledgeable and empowered to make good choices that will keep us in a good place.  You really care about our ‘whole life’ not just about our financial health – looking at our trust; home; insurance; future wants and needs; and legacy – really understanding how important our boys are to us and their financial education and growth.”

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have full confidence in your financial advocate?


Meet Our Founder

Hello. I’m David Hicok, and I’ve spent over 20 years focused on serving our clients’ highest vision of financial freedom for themselves and the people closest to them.

I know that to help you save for what’s important to you, the financial products need to give you the best probability of succeeding.


Before I began my finance career, I ran a successful small business in the automotive industry because cars were my passion, mostly race cars and exotics built for purpose and speed. While I loved every minute of it and miss it a bit, I began a search for greater meaning, something that could have the impact I wanted to have in the world.  Finance showed up as the opportunity, but it wasn’t the easiest road.  I suspect your journey wasn’t easy either.

I know the challenges of being busy making money and needing someone who’s busy making it work for you. That’s a whole different job.


Do You Feel Like You Can See Your Goals, but Can’t Get There?

It upsets me when I meet a new client and, seeing the products the previous advisor put them in, calculate all the money that went into the advisor’s pocket.  That’s money that didn’t go toward retirement, or kids’ education.  I’m all for advisors getting paid, but it needs to be fair.  The deck is stacked against the consumer, and that’s gotta stop.  Most advisors aren’t operating in the best interests of their clients.  That impacts people’s ability to reach their financial goals.


Because I believe everyone deserves someone who is looking out for them, with fairness, integrity, and impartial advice, I’ve spent my career designing my business to be in your best interest.

Transparent. Cost effective. Conflict free.

The hill I would die on is advocating for people – even when no one else is.  That means bringing a 1000-ft view to the table, tirelessly searching for the best solutions, and addressing your mindset about money.  In the real world of helping people reach their financial goals, you have to believe in the life you deserve.

Your financial freedom is a worthy cause and it’s my mission to get you there.

If you’re ready to learn more about upgrading your mindset and raising your expectations of how much freedom your money can give you, schedule a complimentary Roadmap to Your Financial Freedom call.

I'm Ready to Book

Selecting a financial advocate may seem like a daunting task…and you may be asking yourself what makes me the right choice. So, I’ve listed the Nuts & Bolts below.

david hicok financial advisorDavid Hicok, ChFC

Experience & Education


CHFC, Chartered Financial Consultant

California Life and Health

Life Settlement Broker


21 Years and Counting as an FA

BBA in Finance


Financial Planning Association –

Chapter President & Chairman of the Board of San Gabriel Valley

California Board Member


Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce –

Treasurer & Board Member


Real Estate

Small Business

Stock Options


Tax Planning

Life Insurance

Business Succession

Estate Planning

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