Do We Just Focus on The Financial Stuff?

July 1, 2018 5 Minute Read

Lately, we have been talking about the markets and market volatility. What can we do about it? Not much, so let’s focus on what we can control. We are living longer so let’s take better care of ourselves and strive for a better life. Let’s put things in order so that we can reduce some of the stresses in our lives. So, where do we start? Do we just focus on the financial stuff or look elsewhere for the things that are going to help us have a better quality of life? Here are a few thoughts:

  •  Spend less time on social media. Yep, I said it. Why? Because when was the last time you felt really good about the time you spent on social media? When was the last time you closed your Facebook page and thought that was time well spent? For some, this could also be spending less time watching TV, playing video games or some other activity that keeps us from getting out, connecting with people and feeling good about ourselves.
  • Get outdoors and get some exercise. Any exercise. Anything you enjoy. Take a hike. Use the stairs. Ride a bike. Lace up that old pair of roller skates/blades. Sign up for a class or activity you have always wanted to do like ballroom dancing or yoga in the park. We spend far too much time sitting in a chair and staring at a screen. We were built to move, not sit.
  • Spend some quality time with people you care about. Use the time you just saved by not being on social media and call a friend you haven’t seen a while and invite them for coffee or sushi or pressed juice. I really love that stuff, the pressed juice. Try it.
  • Take an action that will put you on a better financial footing this time next year. Here are some ideas, and I would love to hear from you:
    • Tear up a credit card…I like to use the shredder
    • Increase your retirement savings by 1%
    • Read a book on finance…I have a million of them, but one I highly recommend is Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin
    • Track everything you spend money on for a month, then repeat for another month. There are lots of ways to do this, but I suggest you bring a small notebook with you at all times. Be sure to make the first entry the book you bought to keep track and the cool pen you bought too.
    • Make a donation to a worthy cause
    • Disconnect from cable…I could go on. I just want to get you started. I am hoping you come up with way more creative ideas. Please share if you do.
  • Plan a great trip with someone you care about and enjoy spending time with. Seems counter to the above right? Not really, first it will reduce stress by giving you time away and quality time with someone you care about. Second, it is fine to save for retirement and look forward to those days of leisure when you finally get to clean the leaves out of the gutter but really…why not spend some time now, go to a place you have always wanted to see and enjoy yourself? You will come back with a new outlook and you will have checked something off your bucket list. I am not a fan of bucket lists, but you get the idea.
  • Sign up for something seemingly impossible. I tend to think of things like climb Mt Whitney or sign up for a triathlon, but you just need to find something that stretches you, that challenges you, and that will make you unrecognizable when you look back on today. If you take on something really big, it is a good idea to do it with someone or have someone coach you.

Those are just some ideas. I was recently inspired by someone who was daring enough to write down her wildest dreams and send them to me. I encourage you to write down your wildest dreams and send them to someone you care about, someone who can help you take on the challenges that will put you one step closer to living the life of your dreams.

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