Equifax Breach – Serious Business!

September 27, 2017 2 Minute Read

We continue to monitor the Equifax data breach and are concerned that our client’s identity could be compromised. Here are several articles on what to do to protect your credit.

Equifax Fallout: FTC Launches Probe: Websites and Phones Jammed With Angry Consumers… Find out more – click here!

What the Equifax Breach Means to You. We recommend reading this article and taking action to lock your credit files despite the cost and inconvenience. Find out more – click here!

How to Freeze Your Credit: Over the weekend following Sept 15th, it became apparent that we can no longer take for granted that our credit and financial data is safe. We recommend that you lock your credit files despite the cost and inconvenience: Find out more – click here!

Photo by Tony Webster from San Francisco, California
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