Our 3 Big Advantages are:



Our commitment is to transparent pricing for financial planning and management, and we make it easy for you to track your progress. Our clients can see their performance and how much they paid us any time. Have questions about our performance and fees? We have an app for that!

Low-Cost, High-Yield

Our clients pay less for high-quality unbiased advice. Because our focus is on making sure you don’t pay too much, our fee is half the industry standard!

No Conflicts

We put your interests above ours because it’s the right thing. As a fiduciary, we are legally bound to. Most FA’s aren’t fiduciaries. Many are dual licensed as a broker or registered representative, creating conflicts that are hard to avoid. We don’t have those.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

 Initial Price

The greater of $3,500 or 0.1% of your net worth

For example, a client with assets in brokerage accounts, real estate and a business might have a net worth of $5MM.  The fee for a year of  implementing a plan for that client would be $5,000.  At the end of the year, we’ll meet to map out the coming years and future fees.

Hourly Financial Planning

Flat Price

$350 / hr


We review your plan, assets or other strategies and offer our opinion on an hourly basis.

Asset Management

Dollars Managed Management Fee
$100,000-250,000            1.20%
$250,000-500,000            1.00%
$500,000-1,000,000            0.80%
$1-2,000,000            0.70%
$2-5,000,000            0.60%
$5-10,000,000            0.50%
$10mm and above            0.40%

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