A Thank You to My Clients

November 1, 2019 5 Minute Read

Last month I focused on the financial services industry and their lack of transparency in serving their clients.  While this is something I am passionate about, I realize it may not be top of mind for you, the client. First, let me say that I am grateful for the clients I serve, and I don’t say it enough.  There are those of you who trust me with your savings and, more importantly, your dreams of the future.  I am deeply touched you chose me to help.  I want you to know that I appreciate your business and your trust.  I am thankful for the challenges my role in your life presents me.  These challenges and helping others meet their goals and dreams is the most satisfying part of my job.  

I am also grateful for the partnerships I have with other professionals and with the vendors that help me deliver the services I provide.  Without them, I could not deliver these services as effectively.  The second most rewarding part of my job is making introductions to other professionals that add value to my clients.  They are, to name a few, CPAs, attorneys, realtors, mortgage brokers, property and casualty agents, and there are many others.  It’s about connection.  Connecting people.  We all want a connection with each other, and our world sometimes makes us feel disconnected.  So when I can connect two professionals who can assist each other and help each other grow their business, I feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction. Working with others that don’t quite deliver the client experience I am looking for is one of my greatest frustrations. Conversely, finding passionate professionals who do their job with care and concern for their clients and with excellence as their goal, is a source of great joy for me.  To these men and women, I salute you and your effort.  

Which brings me to you, the client. How can I do better?  What one thing, if I were to improve, or radically alter for that matter, would make the most significant difference for you and those closest to you?  I am soliciting your feedback, even your criticism, so that I can improve my firm and your experience.  I am asking a lot, I know.  You are busy.  I get it.  And you might be a little uncomfortable saying anything.  Know this.  With your suggestions, I will work to make your experience better.  That is my promise to you.  

You mean a lot to me, and I appreciate you taking the time to read our newsletter.  If there is someone you feel may benefit from it, feel free to pass it along.  We are looking for more people like you who take a chance on a small firm committed to doing what is best for you, the client.  First, last, always.

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