Get to Know Your Advisor

December 31, 2017 1 Minute Read

david hicok financial advisorIt is probably no surprise to you that I am big on goal setting. Maybe not in the traditional way of making goals like lose 10 pounds or spend less time watching TV (I watch too much of a particular news channel). I am talking about real life-changing, course-correcting, comfort zone-crushing goals.

Here are a couple I have had on the back burner for a while and a few I have taken on:

Want to:

  • Climb Mount Rainier
  • Motorbike through Vietnam
  • Race any car on any track in the world

Have done:

  • Whole30 for the last 60 Days including no alcohol (still on it)
  • Track my spending for a whole year
  • Run a 30K (18.6 miles)
  • Raced quarter mile dirt track in a VW race car and many other cars and tracks

Things I am considering for the coming year

  • Not buying anything new for a year…hello Long Beach thrift shops
  • Writing two finance books
  • Exercise program that will keep me fit and active that I actually enjoy. Contenders include swimming and yoga

Why is any of this important? I need big challenges to keep my interest and keep me out of trouble. Yes, if I don’t have meaningful, challenging projects to do I make up trouble for myself. That’s not a bad thing. I just need to be constantly come up with new challenges to keep me engaged.

What inspires you? What project, goal, lifestyle that if you pursued this year would leave you unrecognizable this time next year? Asking too much? What do you have to lose? Afraid you might fail? Good, that feeling you have of fear, that tinge of oh my god lets you know you are in the ballpark. How will you know? How will you get the support you need to actually complete or accomplish your goal? Well you will need a coach or a partner to check in with regularly. You may need to consult with someone you know, who has done what you want to do, to help you design a strategy and keep you on track.

What will you do? Who will you be? Can I help? Can I be your partner? Can I help you find one?

I so admire who you are and what you do. Every day I come in contact with great people… you, my clients, my resource partners my vendors. You are my inspiration as you truly do great things in the world.

I’d love your feedback on what you want to do this year that you dare not tell anyone because you are afraid to do it. Afraid that if you utter it to another human being you will actually have to do it.

I’d also like to get your feedback on how we are doing for you. What could we do better? What one thing do you wish we would change so that you could truly feel at ease with your finances and feel like we have you back. You may have noticed we launched the campaign “live the life of your dreams.” We are serious about it. Let us know how we can make it better.

Lastly, we are expanding. The changes I have made in the last year with the website, the blogs and the switch to ProCore was to allow me to serve more customers and serve existing customers better. 100% of our clients come from referrals from existing clients and our resource partners like CPAs, attorneys, mortgage brokers, etc. If there is someone in your life, work, family, community that you feel could benefit from an introduction to me and our team, please let me know how I can make that introduction as productive and helpful as possible. I would like to serve more of you and more of you better. This is my main goal for the year and the reason for everything I do. All of my above goals; writing the books, staying fit and challenging to be my best self, are all in service of you.

I hope 2018 is your best year ever. I wish you every success you have ever dreamed of in the coming year.