Greetings fellow dreamers…

April 1, 2024 5 Minute Read

Greetings, fellow Dreamers, Visionaries, and Game Changers!

It’s officially spring, the days are getting longer, and with any luck, the weather is turning warmer where you are.  As I look out my office window, it is a beautifully clear, crisp day.

We are grateful that you are our clients, partners, and friends. This year, we are dedicated to improving the client experience and rolling out improvements that we hope will make a meaningful impact on you and your family.

You’ll soon see the results of our collaboration with Money Quotient, if you haven’t already.  Long ago, we realized that many intelligent people in finance have high IQs.  However, what is sometimes lacking is high emotional intelligence or EQ.   As I set about to close the gap in my practice, I thought, “What is the one thing I could do better to improve my EQ and our client experience?”  It started with listening twice as much as I talked.  That’s a good start, but it is not quite that simple, and I needed support to ensure I didn’t fall back into bad habits.  I needed someone who had been down this road before and could act as a guide.  Thankfully, I ran across Money Quotient about that time.  They have built a community of like-minded advisors who work together to improve the quality of advice they give and the relevance of their client’s values and what’s important to them.  We are an active member of that community.

So, how will this make a difference for you?  We will start our annual review process with two simple exercises; you can complete them now if you like.  They are a Financial Satisfaction Survey and a Life Transitions Survey.

These exercises are designed to gauge your financial satisfaction and assess any life transitions that may impact your financial planning. Think of this as a quick check-up you will do annually.  Together, we’ll be able to review from year to year and see which areas of your financial life are improving and which still need attention.  We’ll keep them in a place where you can access them, and we will review them with you annually.

What else is new?  We are moving on after nearly seven years with Geowealth as our partner in providing you with performance reporting. We have hired Advyzon to take their place.  Their reporting gives you a better visual representation of your accounts, performance, and costs.  We believe every investor deserves to know how their investments are doing and what they are paying their advisors.  Advyzon will enable us to deliver on that promise better.  This month, expect to hear from us about setting up your portal to track your investments.

Lastly, please let us know if there is something we could be better at.  We realize we have blind spots and can only improve if you let us know.

Have a great month,

David ⭐️