May I Interview You?

March 31, 2018 2 Minute Read

I have been working on a book and I could use your help.  The book deals with the challenges and opportunities of the successful business owner and how they deal with them.  Much has been written about starting a business and buckets of interest is placed on start-ups.  Not much is written about the business as it moves toward maturity and beyond.  Why is this an issue?  Because businesses that don’t confront maturity head on face an inevitable decline.  There is no hover in business, no status quo, you are either growing or you are dying.  You are either inventing new products and services or you are about to be left behind.  This book attempts to discuss the challenges and opportunities and more importantly offer solutions to the problem.  The working title is Your Business is Successful, Now Get to Work! I know, the title needs work, but that is why they call it a working title.

Here is where you come in. I would like to interview 100 business owners that are 50 or older, have a successful business that employs 10 or more people with revenue of $2-100 mm.  I’d like to spend about 45 minutes with them to discuss their stories, their challenges and what they are doing about it.  I will maintain their confidentiality and if their stories are used they can preview the book before it is published.  Please contact me at [email protected] if you have a candidate or have some thoughts on the subject.  I can also provide an outline and preview of the interview questions if that is helpful.

As always, thank you, for who you are, for the difference you make in the world.